Corporate Matching Funds

Employer Gift & Service Match Program Information

Did you know, if you work for, or are retired from a company that matches gifts or service to educational institutions or programs, your tax deductible contribution to the MPLT can go two or three times as far. Many national and local companies will match your gift dollar for dollar, some companies even double or triple the amount of your gift. Your gift of $100 could actually mean $300 or $400 for benefit of MPLT.

Many of these same companies will also provide a gift amount based on the number of hours you volunteer. For example, one local employer will provide $500 to an organization if you volunteer 32 hours in a calendar year. You already spend time volunteering so why not fill out a form and get the benefit your company is more than willing to provide.

Imagine if 100 MPLT families employers offered a program like this…

Ask your Human Resources Office for a Matching Gift or Service form.

Here are a just a few of the companies that offer matching gift programs. Just because your employer is not on this list or in the search engine does not mean they do not have a program available so please contact your Human Resource Office today!

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♦ 3M Corporation
♦ AT&T
♦ Abbott Laboratories
♦ AES Corporation and Subsidiaries
♦ American Express
♦ American United Life Insurance Co.
♦ Ameritech Corporation
♦ Avon Products, Inc.
♦ Baxter Corporation
♦ BP
♦ Chevron Corporation
♦ CIGNA Corp.
♦ The Coca-Cola Company
♦ Cooper Industries Inc.
♦ Corning Incorporated
♦ DEKALB Genetics Corp.
♦ Dow Chemical Company
♦ Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
♦ Duke Energy
♦ Dun & Bradstreet Corporation
♦ Ecolab Inc.
♦ Eli Lilly & Company
♦ ExxonMobil Corp.
♦ Farmers Insurance
♦ Fidelity Insurance
♦ Fifth Third Bank
♦ Gap, Inc.
♦ General Electric
♦ Hartford Life
♦ Hewlett-Packard Company
♦ HJ Heinz Company Foundation
♦ Home Depot
♦ Honda North America
♦ Honeywell
♦ IBM Corporation
♦ Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance
♦ Indianapolis Power & Light Co.
♦ Ingersoll Rand
♦ Irwin Financial Company
♦ John Deere
♦ John Hancock Life Insurance Co.
♦ Johnson & Johnson
♦ J.P. Morgan Chase Co.
♦ Key Bank of Indiana
♦ Lehigh Cement Company
♦ Macy’s, Inc.
♦ Marathon Oil Co.
♦ Marsh, Inc.
♦ McDonald’s Corporation
♦ McGraw-Hill
♦ Mead Corporation
♦ Merck Company Inc.
♦ Merrill Lynch
♦ MetLife
♦ Mobil
♦ Morgan Stanley
♦ National City Bank
♦ Nationwide
♦ Nestle
♦ Office Depot
♦ Old Navy
♦ Olive Garden
♦ Otis Elevator Co.
♦ People’s Bank
♦ PepsiCo, Inc.
♦ Pfizer, Inc.
♦ Pitney Bowes, Inc.
♦ Procter & Gamble
♦ Prudential
♦ Quaker Oats Company
♦ Random House
♦ Red Lobster
♦ Reynolds Metals Company
♦ Sam’s Club
♦ Shell Oil Co.
♦ Sherwin-Williams
♦ Sony Corporation of America
♦ Sprint Nextel Corp.
♦ Starbucks
♦ State Farm Insurance
♦ Sysco Food Services
♦ Textron, Inc.
♦ Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana, Inc.
♦ U.S. Bancorp
♦ United Technologies Corporation
♦ Union Planters
♦ Verizon
♦ WalMart
♦ Warner Lambert
♦ Wells Fargo & Co.
♦ Xerox Corporation

Don’t see your employer listed? Search here.