Ruoff Music Center Fundraiser


LCPAA has partnered with the Ruoff Music Center for an exciting fundraising opportunity. Money earned will be applied to your student’s fees. This opportunity is open to LC and LN marching band students/parents.

Fundraising volunteers will work to park cars at the venue for all summer concerts.

Volunteers earn $14 per hour. Earned money will be applied to the student’s performing arts participation fees in early September. 

Volunteers must be at least 16 years old to participate. Students, parents, guardians, siblings, and other family members are eligible to participate. All volunteers must provide their full name and date of birth for submission to Ruoff. 

Volunteers may work as many concerts as desired. 

Underage volunteers must be with an adult while volunteering.

What to expect:

– Average shift will be between 3-5 hours; the shift is pre-show only, and you are not expected to work after the show

– You will be on your feet, moving and directing cars to parking spots with your arms

– You will be outside in the weather (rain or shine) unless severe storms are imminent (the go/no go for the event will be determined by Ruoff staff)

– Earnings will be applied directly to the identified student’s quota account (no money will be paid directly to the individual working)

What to wear:

– Black shorts or black pants

– Close-toed tennis shoes (or rain boots/shoes if needed); when we worked the first show, it was raining, and there were puddles in the parking lot!

– A Live Nation polo shirt and reflective vest will be provided at check-in and must be returned at the end of the shift

What to bring (you will be outside in the weather):

– Sunscreen, bug spray

– Hat (if you choose) – no logos, please, unless affiliated with Lawrence Central (show our pride)

– Re-usable bottle for water refills

– Rain jacket/rain pants – limited ponchos will be available onsite if needed

– Extra clothes/socks in your car (in case of rain)

Where to go: 

– For your shift, please check in at Gate 2A* (on Boden Rd. just North of 146th Street/Greenfield Ave) – across from Autumn Breeze Apartments

– There is a white house and gray Pac-Van trailer on the east side of the road; enter the lot on the south side of the white house – *if you are coming North on Boden, it will be the second entrance on your right, it has an ‘Exit’ sign, but that sign is for the Uber Lot, enter here and proceed past the trailer and turn left to park in the designated area along the side of the lot; check-in at the gray Pac-Van trailer with Dan, the onsite parking manager

– Map

If you plan to attend the show, please let Dan know. He will arrange for you to enter through the employee gate. Please check Ruoff’s FB page for information on venue policies, including items that you can take in with you – 

Questions? Please reach out to Rainey Martin at 317-626-7669 or