Marching Pride of Lawrence Township Message: Pasadena Final Details!

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Thank you for supporting your student’s participation in the MPLT trip to Pasadena, CA! The attached tourbook contains the most up-to-date information on the itinerary and traveler lists (rooming, coach, flight, and chaperone assignments).

Please note two corrections in the tourbook:

  1. *On parade day- January 2- All adults, chaperons, children and tour directors will depart this morning for Pasadena and the grand stand seating. Adults from coaches 1, 2, and 5 will ride coach 5 today. All tagalongs will ride coach 6 today. Adults from coaches 3 and 4 will ride coach 7 today.*

The tourbook handed out at the departure meeting neglected to mention adults from Coach 2.

  1. *The meeting place on January 3 for departing Disneyland/California Adventure has been changed to the plaza between Disneyland and California Adventure.* This way the group will not have to re-enter Disneyland to take attendance.

As a reminder, Each Traveler traveling to Pasadena via MPLT charter planes will be allowed ONLY THE FOLLOWING:

A. 1 piece of checked luggage, under 50lbs

B. 2 carry-on items MAXIMUM (one must go in the overhead bin, one must fit in the seat in front of you)

Students should have four luggage tags – one for their instrument, one for their checked luggage and one per carry-on item. Adults/chaperons should have three luggage tags – one for their checked luggage and one per carry-on item. Extra luggage tags will be available.

Happy Holidays and have a fantastic trip!

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