Marching Pride of Lawrence Township Message: NEW Fundraising Opportunity for MPLT Members!

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MPLT has teamed with PROFESSIONAL AUTOMOTIVE Inc. to offer Coupon Cards for sale

with 100% going to your student account!


COST: $30.00 per card CARD "VALUE":

  • 3 standard oil changes (Valued at approximately $28.00) you may up-grade and pay the difference or bring your own oil to be used at no extra charge
  • $25.00 off of 1 tow
  • $25.00 off of 1 car repair

REDEMABLE: 2 years or until last oil change-ONE card per vehicle More info at:


  • SELLING PERIOD: June 19th to June 30th
  • MONEY DUE: NO LATER THAN JUNE 30TH (End of 2-9 practices) The ENTIRE $30.00 goes to student’s accounts!
  • You will be given an envelope to collect orders. Bring orders in AND money and you will be given the cards to distribute to your fundraising supporters.
  • Please note will we ONLY be doing this the 2 weeks of 2-9 practices. If we have cards left over we can run it again during band camp week.

Order envelopes and cards can be obtained from Wendy Manubay at 2-9 practices, requested by email ( or phone: 317-741-2152 (NOTE: my new cell phone number).

This is a pure profit fundraiser. We pay no money for the cards. The value is INCREDIBLE! This is a super opportunity given to us by a local business that truly wants to give back to the community.

Just ONE oil change can cost $45.00 anywhere else and this card gives you THREE for $30.00!

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