Marching Pride of Lawrence Township Message: UPDATED Itinerary for Stadium Dedication 8/25/17

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We have been given the opportunity to perform as part of the stadium dedications for each school on 8/25! We have also been asked by administration to perform in the stands for the first two quarters with a dismissal before half time of each game. Each school will provide dinner for the students. See the revised itinerary here.

Additionally, MPLT has been asked to be the WTHR Channel 13 band of the week! Channel 13 will be broadcasting the band during our normally scheduled Friday after school rehearsal!! Tune in to see these awesome students perform live on TV during their 5-6pm broadcast.

As a result of the additional time at the game, rehearsal on Saturday 8/26 will end one hour earlier than scheduled. Saturday 8/26 will be from 2pm-8pm.

Thanks for all your continued support of performing arts in our schools!

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