Marching Pride of Lawrence Township Message: MPLT Itinerary for Saturday, 9/16/17, Rehearsal and LC Invitational

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Saturday 9/16/17 rehearsal and Lawrence Central InvitationalClick here for the full itinerary.

10:15 am Report to LC (*all cars must park off campus)-see itinerary for details!
10:30 am Rehearsal Begins. Make sure you eat a good breakfast before arriving. There will not be a lunch break, however, there will be a brief snack break. Bring a snack with you.
2:30 pm Rehearsal Ends. LC students report to your shift. LN students are dismissed from campus, but are welcome to volunteer. If you stick around, you are required to watch the show in the visitor side bleachers or volunteer. The band room will not be available during this time.
5:30 pm Dinner in Commons area
5:55 pm Short ice breaker with Belzer
6:10 pm Change into uniform
6:45 pm Rehearsal in Field House with Belzer (National Anthem)
7:15 pm Start Transit to Stadium
7:37pm Perform National Anthem with Belzer before Scholastic A Class begins.
7:41 pm Lineup outside the stadium for transit to warmup
7:46 pm Transit to Physical warmup
7:59 pm Physical warm-up
8:28 pm Music Warm-up
8:52 pm Transit to Stadium
9:08 pm Perform in Exhibition. After the performance we will head back to the band room to change out of uniforms.
9:21pm Awards for Competing Bands
10:15pm Once all equipment and uniforms are properly returned, only LN students will be dismissed (approximate time). All LC students will be assigned cleanup duties and will not be dismissed until all tasks are completed. LN students are welcome but not required to help.

Important Details:

  • Color guard will not be involved in Belzer rehearsals and activities, but will eat with MPLT at 5:30 pm. The rest of the pre-performance prep schedule for the color guard will be determined and communicated by guard directors.
  • Parking will be off campus for all MPLT members (either Northeast Office Complex off Caito Dr. or at Belzer.) Do not park at the Options Treatment Center oryour vehicle will be towed! Student who leave campus after rehearsal will need to return no later than 5:15 pm for dinner. Keep in mind the streets and parking lots will begin to become very full and congested. Please allow extra time so that you report to dinner on time!
  • LC students will stay after the contest ends to assist with cleanup of the entire campus.
  • Any students planning to stay on campus for the day (after rehearsal) must have their "What’s in a Name" shirt on to identify them as an MPLT member and for free admission into the stadium. There will be no students allowed to hang out in the band room or the building until we begin the dinner and uniform change process. The only exception to this will be students that are under the direct supervision of an MPLT staff member or director.

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