Marching Pride of Lawrence Township Message: MPLT Uniform Help Needed Saturday

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This Saturday’s LC Invitational requires all LC parents to volunteer for a shift and therefore, most of our regular uniform volunteers are not available. We only have 35 minutes to dress the entire band this Saturday! We certainly want our kids looking their very best, don’t want to lose points for faults, so we need your help! Click on the link below to sign up.

  • Report to LC band room / uniform room by 5:30pm Saturday (arrive early, you will need to park at a distance – either at Northeast Office Complex off Caito Dr. or at Belzer Middle School. (Do not park at the Options Treatment Center or your vehicle will be towed!)
  • Be available in the uniform room for marchers that can’t find gloves, shoes, shocks or need shako adjustments / have any uniform problems (no sewing required!) (need 3 parents)
  • Check all heads to be sure all wispy hairs are up inside the shako and fix, if necessary (need 2 parents set up to work hair in case marchers come in without their hair up – which is very likely)
  • Need a parent to take down names / details of marchers that need uniform tweeks that I need to do later (hem too long, fit issues etc)
  • Pass out feather plumes and final check marchers (need 4 parents for final check & plume pass out)
  • Final checks include making sure hair is completely up, no nail polish (only open fingers, most wear gloves), no jewelry
  • Performance is at 9:08pm, be sure to wear your show shirt!

*Please be reminded that you will be required to park in the office parking lot adjacent / west of LC due to the volume of attendance on Saturday.

Thank you!


Dawn Schuchman

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