Marching Pride of Lawrence Township Addendum to this week’s Listserv

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We’re only 2 days away from the first MPLT performance of the season!

Reminder: All marchers, staff, and volunteers participating in Friday’s performance are required to turn in a completed Waiver to Mr. James by the end of rehearsal tomorrow.

  • Page two was missing in the Waiver attached to yesterday’s listserv, this error has been corrected and an updated form has been attached to this email.

Pridewear update: The most recent order of Pridewear is expected to be delivered tomorrow morning. Those expecting an order should see Sue Felli to pick up their order during one of the following times:

  • Thursday, August 16, at 9pm, in the stadium
  • Thursday, August 16, after 9:30pm, in the PA Office
  • Friday, August 17, in the PA Office, during school hours

Fan Club: Tomorrow night is Fan Club night at LC Stadium! All MPLT families are invited to join our marchers and staff as they prepare for Friday’s performance in Lucas Oil Stadium.

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