LC Senior Night Itinerary

Friday, October 11th

***Everyone eats after school dinner in respective cafeterias in place of meal plan
4:30 pm Rehearsal
5:30 pm Rehearsal ends
5:40 pm Dress in uniforms
6:15 pm Seniors meet in the endzone – senior recognition at 6:30pm
6:20 pm Line up on the Lot
6:45 pm Transit to Stadium
8:30 pm Approximate halftime performance
9:30 pm Approximate time of dismissal

Center Grove Invitational Itinerary

Saturday, October 28th

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9:30 am Arrive at LC
Eat a good breakfast before arriving
10:00 am Rehearsal Begins on Practice Lot
12:00 pm Snack Break
12:45 pm Rehearsal Resumes in the stadium
3:00 pm Rehearsal Ends
Students will be provided dinner as part of the MPLT Meal Plan
4:00 pm Dress in uniforms
Hair must be in specified style
Bring a change of clothes in garment bag
4:45 pm Winds – Pre-tuning process begins (Band Room)
5:05 pm Meeting in Band Room
5:15 pm Load Busses
5:30 pm Depart for Center Grove High School
6:30 pm Arrive at Center Grove High School
7:10 pm Line up outside busses for transit to warm up
7:25 pm Transit to Warm Up
7:35 pm Physical Warm Up
7:50 pm Transit to Music Warmup
8:00 pm Music Warm Up
8:30 pm Transit to Stadium
8:45 pm Perform!
Return to busses to change out of uniform
Students will be provided with a hearty snack as part of the MPLT Meal Plan
10:00 pm Awards
10:45 pm Estimated Departure time from Center Grove for LC/LN
Busses will stop at LC to drop off drivers before going to LN
11:45 pm Estimated Arrival time to LN
Unload all equipment and put away uniforms
12:15 pm Estimated dismissal time
NOTE: The expectation will always be that everyone stays and works together to
help unload and clean so that individuals are not unfairly burdened. The entire
band will dismiss together once all tasks are completed. Parent understanding and
patience with this process will be appreciated


 Subject to change; all changes will be announced via the MPLT listserv. 


4:30p – 6:30p


4:30p – 6:30p

Wednesday (10/16 – 11/13)

4:30p – 6:30p


6:30p – 9:30p

Friday (Non-Game Days) 

4:30p – 7:30p

Friday (Game Days)

4:30p – 9:30p

Saturday (Rehearsal Days)

10a – 5p

Saturday (Competition Days)

All Day (TBD)